Help Bring The Glasspack to Europe ...

Our new record from Small Stone Recordings, Dirty Women, has just been released in Europe within the last month. We have had distribution through Cargo Germany, Shellshock, GMR, Brainstorm, and many others in Europe for years now through Small Stone. We want to come to Europe, we are easy to work with. All we need is for you peoples to pull together, spread the word, repost this as a bulletin on MySpace, and help us find promoters/booking agents that are interested in bringing us across the pond to your face. We can get help from other sources as well and we already have passports. We have sold many records there, somebody wants us. All we are asking for is plane tickets, equipment, ride, and food to places in Europe, even if its just one country. This is not much to ask for when you people are willing to pay much more for less. WE WILL ROCK YOUR WORLD. WE WILL LOVE YOU UP. WE WILL GIVE YOU KISSES AND HUGS. WE WILL TALK TO YOU PERSONALLY. WE WILL LET YOU PLAY OUR GUITAR. WE ARE THE NICEST AMERICAN ROCK BAND YOU WILL EVER KNOW AND WE ARE ENTERTAINING. WE HAVE TIME FOR YOU. PLEASE GIVE A LITTLE OF YOUR TIME TO SPREAD THE WORD, WE ARE WORTH IT. We want to come see your country and entertain you. We want to see your art, your music, your food, and your culture. PLEASE?

the Glasspack

I Glasspack offrono il culo, gli possiamo mai fare un torto del genere?
Apriamo le nostre case ai figliocci lercioni, marcioni, depravati degli Stooges!

Mrs. Satan

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