I Neurosis si fanno sentire. "Given to the rising" è il titolo del nuovo album che esce l'otto maggio su Neurot ovviamente.
La track-list:
01. Given To The Rising
02. Fear & Sickness
03. To The Wind
04. At The End Of The Road
05. Shadow
06. Hidden Faces
07. Water Is Not Enough
08. Distil (Watching The Swarm)
09. Nine
10. Origin

Chissà che ne uscirà fuori tra questi geni e Steve Albini. Curiosità a mille.

Scott Kelly mette ancora carne al fuoco:

"This is one that surprised the fuck out of me. Never saw it comin in a million years, to be honest with you. But there has been alliance forged between Wino (Hidden Hand), Om -- Al & Chris, and myself. We are gonna do a band called "Shrinebuilder". Basically is gonna be a project, we're gonna do a record, we're gonna some gigs. But, uh, I'm kind of in shock, to be honest you. It wasn't my idea. Like I said, I never would've dreamed of it bein a possibility. When I was asked to be a part of it, of course I said 'yes'. We have yet establish a timeline for the way things are gonna go down. Hidden Hand has a new record now, Om is gonna recording in June, and a new Neurosis is comin out May. So we're all gonna be busy. But it's something we're gonna start formulating in our heads and beginning to write -- actually writing has already begun, I know it has, at least in my room. ... Again, nothing that I could have possibly forseen in my future and I'm a thankful guy today for a oppurtunity like that. So let it be known -- Shrinebuilder is a reality."

Da Neuroprison, "Italian Neurosis & Post-Core Forum"

Iniziano il tour al Roadburn. Quest'anno lo manco ancora, chemmefrega, tanto è già sold-out.

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